The Renewed
The Renewed
Breauna Dorelus

Welcome to The Renewed

Join in dismantling harmful service practices in ourselves and in the spaces we serve.

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About Our Community

I  believe current volunteer and service systems are broken. There are mechanisms that work inside volunteerism that create unhealthy power dynamics, saviorism, and perpetuates negative narratives around the those on the receiving end of our "good intentions." 

Volunteerism and community service have been used  as tools by the privileged to strip community dignity, personal respect, and have created systems of dependency when it comes to Black and brown communities.

Community work is no longer in the hands of the community. 

We know you've seen: 

  • Black and brown communities silenced as a result of speaking out 
  • Nonprofit missions taking precedence over community progress 
  • Corporations volunteer for that “day of service” never to return again
  • Alternative break groups participating in “service learning” that leaves locals cleaning up after them
  • Volunteers serving and never turning the corner into real co-dreaming
  • Volunteers centering themselves and their “good work” instead of pursuing real change in themselves and in their workplaces

And if you do some real reflection, you know that you've been a part of these groups and, and have even championed the work they've done. 

But there is intentional work that can be done to dismantle those sentiments and harmful mindsets in order to transform your actions and mind when it comes to those we partner with. 

This is why The Renewed exists. 

Why You Should Join

If you want to:
  • Be a part of a community that champions heart work and systems change 
  • Do the real heart work of recognizing how you serve and what it looks like to reframe your harmful perceptions and practices and use it in your daily work
  • Tear down the current systems of colonialism and paternalism in volunteerism and service, to insert true neighboring and belonging personally and professionally
  • Hold yourself accountable by assessing your own actions and decision-making

The Renewed is for you. 

What's Included

Personal reflection prompts that make you think critically about your biases and how “othering” is prohibiting your service and harming those you wish to help. You will be involved in deep discussion that will help you really think about how your biases and stereotypes play out in service. 

A community of others on the journey of radical servanthood, to share thoughts, be accountable, and get real. You will have access to our community in order to post new topics, ask questions, and to jump on and start dialogue. 

In addition to having access to me, you will have  continuous access to trainings, webinars, feedback and resources. You will also receive discounts on any Connecting the Cause trainings and resources.

Learn how to help and not harm the community by renewing your mind and impacting the spaces where you serve. 


Who is the community for?

This is for anyone dedicated to assessing their action, reflecting with their heart and mind, and who wish to be intentional about helping and not harming the community while serving. All are welcome including Nonprofit EDs and sector professionals, corporate social responsibility employees, AmeriCorps members, volunteers , volunteer managers, alternative break leaders, and PeaceCorps alumni, and all around people who want to make real impact .

What can I expect ? 

With me what you see is what you get, and as I continue to learn how to keep community at the center of my service, I present those resources and thoughts to you. I ask that you engage, check in, and do the necessary reflection needed to get all you can out of The Renewed. This community will only thrive if you see this space as necessary and important. Check this community like you would any social media outlet, like you'd check in on any friend. Your participation is welcomed, needed and essential! 

How much is it to join? 

It's 18 bucks to join this community. This price includes total access to the trainings, resources, and prompts within The Renewed. You can cancel anytime. I just ask that you give me the opportunity to have a quick convo with you and thank you before you dip out! You can also pay for the yearly access of 180 bucks, which saves you the price of 2 months of subscriptions. 

Is there an app? 

Yes! You can access this text on desktop, laptop, or as an app on your phone. If you don't want the app, you can still access it on your phone without downloading anything! Put your number in below so that you get sent a link to download the app! 

Membership is currently closed.

Please email [email protected] for more information.